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Why Chapel Hill

"Most Beautiful, Most Cost-Effective"

In 2007 Chapel Hill Cemetery requested a name change from the State of Wisconsin to be recognized as Chapel Hill Memorial Park. As the former Chapel Hill Cemetery, we are revered as one of the most beautiful of all Milwaukee cemeteries, and it's quickly becoming known for offering the most cost-effective burial solutions in the area.

From Freshly Paved Roads to a Newly Built 5,000 sqft Maintenance Facility & Business Office, Chapel Hill Memorial Park offers a pristine sanctuary you can comfortably visit for years.

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"In-Ground or Above-Ground? Either way, you get the Highest Quality at the Lowest Price!"

Chapel Hill Memorial Park offers multiple burial solutions to suit your needs. Our offerings extend from In-Ground Full Body Burials, In-Ground Cremains Burials, or Above-Ground Cremains Niche Burials.

Chapel Hill Memorial Park now offers the most economical burial solution available... Niche Cremains Burials; an option that saves you a minimum of $4,500 over an In-Ground Full Body Burial.

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"...a Facility Like No Other!"

When time comes to make a decision on your earthly resting place, visit Chapel Hill Memorial Park's newly built Business Office, fully reconstructed in 2008.

Our New 750 sq ft Business Office is located within our New 5,000 sq ft Maintenance Facility. Compare burial options and learn what solutions best fit your needs.

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"The BEST Equipment Helps US Give YOU the BEST PRICE!"

Having the finest quality equipment (John Deer and Kubota) allows us to get jobs done faster, better, and with higher quality.

What this means to you is lower costs across ALL of our services.

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Other Services

"We Offer More Than Burials To Assist You!"

Chapel Hill Memorial Park offers more than just Burial Services.

Among our core competencies, we also offer Custom Monument Foundations, Veteran Foundations, placement of Veteran Markers, Niche Marker Plates, County Burials, Special Needs Burials, Disinterment, Urns and a number of other services.

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Welcome to Chapel Hill Memorial Park!

Established in 1913, Chapel Hill Memorial Park (the old Chapel Hill Cemetery) is a Non-Profit, Non-Sectarian Cemetery.

As you consider a final resting place for yourself, or your beloved, consider these thoughts…

Chapel Hill Memorial Park is operated daily by its “working” Board of Directors. Nowhere will you find a committed group of people more dedicated to the lives of those visiting, and to
those at rest.

We strive to make the grounds of this final resting place a pristine, park-like setting, where you can dwell in peace, and enjoy fond memories of those who have gone before you.

We hope you will choose Chapel Hill Memorial Park as your eternal home.

Your Board of Directors
Chapel Hill Memorial Park

NEW 5000 Sq/Ft Maintenance Facility

On April 2008, Chapel Hill Memorial Park completed it's New 5000 sqr/ft Maintenance Facility.

Also housed within this Maintenance Facility, is a 750 sq/ft Business Center.

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Consider our NEW Columbarium

August 2008 marked a historic date for Chapel Hill Memorial Park, as an 80 Double-Niche Columbarium (160 Niches Total) was installed.

This service offers people who prefer Above-Ground Cremains Burial options, a beautiful, forest-like setting amongst the towering Maple & Oak trees in Section 6.


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